Not bad for half the money, eh? The Kyro 1 is essentially the same as the Kyro 2, so you can always see that review for more specific details on the technology behind the silicon. Minimum framerates dip lower on the Kyro-based cards, but the maximum framerates are also higher than the others. The card is traditionally sky-blue. Obviously done for the sake of cooling, not like it’s there to make toast. That’s because video cards are meant to play games Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

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Hercules 3d Prophet xt AGP Graphics Card | eBay

But this technology is just earlier and, therefore, slower in a realization frequency. Notice how there are no GeForce peophet Titaniums included. Although the release of nVidia’s GeForce4 chipset sent ATi back to the drawing board, they have once again managed to wrestle the performance crown from nVidia in the high-end graphics chipset market as well as the budget market.

Read on to find out!

Very good performance for the money Worst points: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. I’ve included Kyro 2 numbers so you can directly compare the two chipsets.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. Of course, being an older chip, it doesn’t even have full Direct X 7 hardware support it lacks of hardware TL and Direct X 8 is completely out of the picture.


Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT (PCI, 32 MB)

The only thing of note about the board is that, strangely enough, there hercules 3d prophet xt a heat sink, held in place by pushpins, on the back of the card. In the past, ATi has been continually plagued by poor driver sets, even though their hardware has been up to scratch with competition.

How does it compare to the GeForce4 range and most importantly, is it worth the money?

Giants utilizes Direct X 8 and Hardware TL capabilities of video cards, and while it should generally favor cards with these features, this is not always the case:. But not everything is so perfect. OpenGL wouldn’t start for Quake 3, 2D was terribly sluggish in windows, video was low-resolution and low-color and looked horrible. Such good performance for hercules 3d prophet xt money!

Not bad for half the money, eh? Early previews have shown that the R provides performance that is far superior to what we have previously seen from any past 3D accelerator beating the GeForce 4 Ti by a significant marginwhile the R provides performance that places it well ahead of competing chipsets that are in the same price range.

These tests were run before the newer October 15 official drivers were released. That’s heercules these are budget cards we’re talking about.

Here the results are somewhat different. The newer chipset has more transistors and uses less power, but hercules 3d prophet xt essentially just does the same stuff faster.

There were some issues I experienced with certain driver revisions. But the S3TC bears fruit, and the gap is not so critical! If you’re going to be playing games in the lower resolutions, that is, x or x, and considering this is a low-end video card I wouldn’t recommend playing in the higher resolutions anywayyou’ll get acceptable performance levels.


But the memory works at MHz, as well as the chip, because the frequencies of the processor and the memory are synchronized. ATi recently surprised us with the release of two new graphics chipsets – the R for high-end users and the R for those hercjles a budget.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Detonator XP version For comparison the results of the following cards are given:. Nobody develops games for brand new hardware, as a general rule. Surprisingly enough, the Kyro 1 manages to keep up with the MX where maximum framerates are concerned, and even scores higher in x Quake 3 400xr the same story: Brand new video cards, in particular, often have driver peculiarities.

Then on to our Giants test which involves a quick run through the multiplayer level “Three Way Island 1” from the Meccs team to catch the minimum and maximum framerates encountered. Quake 3 tells the same story: Overall I was quite surprised with the way the card performed.