I will try to provide links to places where you can learn how to do these things, but this guide isn’t meant to be a replacement for those instructions. My rules in the routing tables are simple. It seems I spoke too soon. I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Well in that case I think you may want to look into something else, as as far as I am aware I don’t think Linux offers a way to change the way it currently works short of modifying the kernel code, of course.

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Is there anything I should do first to the read packet from win32 tap driver before writing it to a linux tun driver? Feel free to make corrections, if they’re needed. Make sure you’re checking the result of every system call in the code, there may be a failure somewhere. You see, as strange as it may sound, what you described is what I expected to see. That way, if you attach an application to the descriptor corresponding to tun1, that application should receive the packets that the kernel routes out tun1.

Glad you sorted it.

Debian Lenny Tun/Tap Bridge Setup

I did dfbian new, it is working now. I am trying to use tun to create tap interface or to be put precisely, want to make tun behave as tap. Blog is very informative, I have scenario here, where in I am developing L2 control plane for distributed data plane denian a switch, The control plane would be running Linux on control cards and remaining all the cards have fast path L2 data plane.


It’s possible that the instructions above are slightly incorrect because of this. Please read that page and pay special attention to the section on “Setting up bridged networking for VirtualBox “.

Enable Linux Tun Module for VPN Use on Ubuntu or Debian – Linuxsecrets

The operating system, upon receiving this data, does what it deems appropriate with it; this might include creating ethernet frames and sending them out an interface; this interface, in turn, might be a tap interface, which is where program B would get them. I posted a message describing a similar problem, but wanted to reply directly in hopes this reaches you. Wiresharks says that it has a “Bogus IP header length 0, must be at least 20 ” I tkn/tap it has something to do with.

If i construct the frame with tun/txp leading Bytes like: Usually I think always, not surethe iproute2 code for all other interfaces does not check existence of interface before removing it. So it’s very likely that the kernel will send an ARP packet to the tap interface, asking “who has The read on the tap fd should read an entire packet or frame every time it’s called.

Activate TUN/TAP

If the target MAC is not that of eth0, it will probably be dropped even before iptables has a chance to see it. February 5, at You can bring this interface up when you login to the desktop, or you can make an initscript for this that will run after the uml-utilities script runs.


I am not aware of anybody doing any work in this direction.

Other solution for me would be call this function from java via JINI and then write it into one file and then again read it from Java. I have one more question, if you can help me with it. Adding the interface to a bridge should not generally change its semantics. What you get when reading the tap interface is the traffic that the kernel decides has to be routed through the tap interface.

For some reason when I do a read I am always 8 bytes short in the value returned for the number of bytes read. Posting comment as a guest. While it’s not strictly required, you may want to spend some more time configuring the nethead uml machine.

It feels like everybody is using it but nobody cares wat goes on behind the scenes. I am nearly there but wondered yun/tap I am missing something. Device or resource busyso that hypothesis can be ruled out. In the interface script above, the nethead uml is set to run at 32M, which is probably close to being as small as possible.

In short, iptables-wise there’s no difference between a tun interface and another physical interface. Sign up using Email and Password.