It seems as if the changes you made work mostly, but the modem seems to be seized after a reboot and does not want to dial out, although dialling does take place dial tones. Set the DNS servers as Invalid module format Apparently this occurs during the “sudo modprobe hsfserial” command. Package debhelper has no installation candidate marc dapper: The modem dials or at least makes all the sounds but i do not get internet. A more practical approach perhaps is to see if winmodems based on the smartlink chipset are available in your area.

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Be careful when you buy external tuners – not all of them support recording. The daemon package shown above, whether from the debian repo or ubuntu repos works with any of the driver packages, but only the linmodem driver conexznt slmodem Invalid module format dean Linux: This might be a harder way around, but it seems to me that you could download the.

win modem – Forums – CNET

I tried gnome-ppp to start with but as this failed moved back conexxnt wvdial for testing. The DGC driver is available at no charge. Hi, I have had to revise the Howto’s for installing a Conexant winmodem and a Smartlink winmodem due to some changes after installing Dapper kubuntu. This may not be the definitive solution but meanwhile we would have our modem modules compiled and running on edgy.

Let me have a pm conexatn your mail and I will email what I have.



Please post a feedback hzfi I’m very interested in this topic. If you happen to close the konsole before disconnecting, you may have hefi reboot your PC to get the modem to disconnect or you may not be aware that you are still connected and run up an account! Alexander, I cannot help you here as I have not used USB modems to date, but you should note that the actual name of the modem does not really mean much, it is the chipset that hsfii modem uses that determines which can be used, You may have an xyz modem, but it may have a conexant chip, meaning that you would only be able to use the free but limited modem driver from linuxant or pay for full 56k, but it will work on linux.

So it seems as if both Conexant and Smartlink are working for Hardy. I have no idea if my work is finished but it seems that it at least passes compile. Of course, if you chose to run an old distro with kerneal 2. This method uses the latest packages from linmodems and the latest daemon on the Edgy repository or from the Debian repositories and cnexant well.

Hopefully conedant Ubuntu devs can update the sl-modem-source package. I cannot be sure if I don’t look at a working trace first sorry I don’t have dapper to test it.

But of course I had to revert to using Hardy 8. About what I got when I had dial-up so it seems to be a full speed driver. As dial-up modems are now mostly obsolete, these drivers are no longer being actively developed.


The only ones that work on Edgy and Feisty will be free throttled one on the linuxant site. I think gnome-ppp uses WvDial as its backend so if gnome-ppp doesn’t work then Wvdial won’t work either New PCs are seldom bought with an internal modem but there are quite a lot linnux people with PCs who still depend on dialup as their primary means of accessing the internet. If your modem detects line carrier but you are rejected by your provider check connection log for details you’ll need to enable “Ignore terminal messages Stupid Mode ” on gnome-ppp settings.

Excellll 11k 7 41 Why didn’t I notice it before.

Am able to reset the modem after each failure using: BY webmaster 11 cx111252 ago. You are posting a reply to: AlexandreOttoStrube packaged it for Ubuntu Breezy using kernel 2.

Linuxant – Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets – Introduction

I have found that Gnome-ppp is very stable in Kubuntu. I can confirm that method B for the conexant modems works with kubuntu dapper for this device: If anyone can confirm this to help others it will be appreciated as I personally am on ADSL and not experimenting with the modems any more. However the gnome-ppp log still shows the “primary DNS address