Disconnecting from that database within an ij session didn’t resolve the problem. Indexing on long columns is a bad idea in any case. The standard way to obtain a Connection object is to call the method DriverManager. For example, in an embedded environment, an application that accesses Cloudscape databases starts up the local JDBC driver, which starts up an instance of Cloudscape. A Cloudscape system is a single instance of Cloudscape and the environment in which it runs.

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A multithreaded architecture also makes Cloudscape suitable for embedding in web servers and XML servers. It also provides binary and character objects blob, clobbut not user-defined types.

Preconfigured JDBC Drivers | Documentation

Derby is a lightweight, embeddable relational engine in the form of a Java class library. Is this page helpful? Once you create or connect to a database within a system, Cloudscape begins outputting information and cloudecape messages, if any. For more information, see the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide. For example, Listing 3 creates a function in the ZipMap class that looks up the name of a city given its ZIP code error and exception-handling code are ommitted for brevity.

Cloudscape uses a boot password for encrypted databases, a separate password from the one used to open a JDBC connection. EmbeddedDriver and change other classes from com. Thus the databases are left in a consistent, valid state.

When a database is deployed to a remote or mobile location, it is not possible to use physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data. Checkpointing marks the portions of the log that are no longer useful, writes changed pages to disk, then truncates the log. Higher levels mean Cloudscape uses locks to avoid one thread changing a row while emebdded accesses it.


You can also embedsed these attributes by passing a Properties object along with a database connection URL to DriverManager. Defining the System Directory You define the system directory when Cloudscape starts up by specifying a Java system property called cloudscape.

Derby can also handle data files on read-only media.

When Cloudscape runs as a database server, it typically runs continuously. Disconnecting from that database within an ij session didn’t resolve the problem.

Java, SQL, Cloudscape, and Derby

Properties include the maximum display width for columns, the name of session log files, character encodings, and so on. Only one instance of Cloudscape can run in a system at a single time, and only one instance of Cloudscape should boot a database at one time keeping databases in the system directory makes it less likely that you would use more than one instance of Cloudscape.

To start browsing, the Connection Wizard of the Database Explorer Figure 1 walks you through several screens that prompt for information required for a database connection. For an encrypted database to be usable, a boot password must be provided when the database is first started.

Read-only database directories can be archived and compressed, if desired into jar or zip files. Booting The default configuration for Cloudscape is clouxscape Cloudscape boots a database when an application first makes a connection to it. It also allows you to perform a number of high-level tasks, such jdnc creating a database or shutting down the system.


A SQL trigger specifies the actions that should occur when a SQL statement inserts into, updates, or deletes from a table. We have to deal with a variety of textual content that isn’t necessarily formally structured, laid out, and printed.

The combination of portable database formats and the pure Java DBMS engine makes it possible to send a data-centric application anywhere, either on media or over a network.

Cloudscape Version A technical overview

Derby provides a great deal of flexibility for system designers. A Java stored procedure consists of Java code that is callable from SQL, runs in the database server, and accesses the cloudsacpe.

Such a connection is called a nested connection. After that, it grows eight pages at a time. With that in mind, this section clarifies what is in the Apache Derby software and what is in the IBM Cloudscape product.

RJDriver For more information, visit the official web site. DB2Driver That driver is part of the db2 express installation, which you can download from the official web site. Running with -nogc or -noclassgc definitely prevents the class from being unloaded and makes you unable to restart Cloudscape in the same JVM. Derby supports secure remote data database encryption.