If you place your hand near any of the vents you can feel the air being drawn into the case. The box from Antec came in nice sturdy packaging. This is because the case is slightly too short to support the full height of the card. You can edit your question or post anyway. To start, click a lesson button. There are a couple of special features that help the case to stay cool.

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Antec Fusion Black 430

Also added was a firewire port, and the stealthed optical drive bay. Next is the outside of the case itself.

I have not used iMedia much yet but I may just not bother. You can edit your question or post anyway.

I would hope that if there was a part that had lots of problems the company would increase the warranty so that customer satisfaction would also increase. Read on to find out. Highly recommended if you have space. As you can see from the fusiom below the CPU temp stayed very low, even when working really hard.

They are the foundation of the computer and it is really important that the foundation is strong, or else the rest of the computer will have trouble. I will go into more detail on the cooling scheme later, but for now I will say that both fan locations came populated with Antec TriCool fans that work well.


While slightly large for some entertainment centers, the Fusion does a very good job creating a quiet HTPC for the livingroom. Scan Computers Intl Ltd. Excellent layout, very roomy inside. The first is the Aluminum plate front bezel. SiNGeDNov 6, Lesson Explore Menu Page. The inside of this case is designed with three chambers. Well I guess I’ll be the first to embark on this quest then!

Antec gets very good marks here. The back of the case is very similar to any other desktop or tower, there are spots for expansion cards, motherboard inputs and outputs, and a spot for a power supply.

Review: Antec Fusion Remote Case – JusTech’n

Inside the box, the case was well packed in foam and even the volume knob had a block around it to ensure that it did not get damaged during shipping. The other problem is that sometimes the built-in one does not register the button that is pressed, instead it gives me the error lcs. Once I was able to get power to the case I noticed that the LCD screen turns on as soon as the case gets power, and it only turns off when the machine is unplugged.

In order to make use of this feature, the power button is fed into the LCD panel, atec is then connected to the motherboard with red and black cables individual connections. It is not very expensive, but it is very well built and has all the features that an enthusiest would need.


It allows for full control over all aspects of the PC from the armchair though I wouldn’t want to use it for adding text with. The only real quibble is the front display which is basically dusion as the qntec available aren’t ones that might be needed on a living-room media PC. Unfortunately, that remote did not work at all. Now that we have gone over all the features and talked about the design, it is time to put this all together and use it.

Antec Fusion Remote Desktop Case – Black: : Computers & Accessories

Oct 19, 3. It’s pretty good guide on how to tear it apart. The first is right next to the hard drive cage, and the second is next to the Power Supply. The main chamber is a little bit more involved.

Care to support our work with a few bucks? The PSU sits on top of four rubber feet that dampen vibrations. No matter what button I pushed on the remote nothing registered with the case.